The nervous system is our prime focus, integrating neuroscience, neurodynamics and manual therapy into patient management. NOI's core philosophy is to provide progressive, current material, always challenging existing management protocols, promoting professional reinvestment, and ensuring course participants benefit from the most recent research in a fun way. Learn more...


Explain Pain Audiobook
New Second Edition!
David Butler and Lorimer Moseley have burnt the midnight oil to completely re-record their Explain Pain book. Also now available in handy downloadable MP3 format. Find out more...

Had any noijam lately?
Enhancing links between clinicians and researcher and bringing researchable ideas from the clinic to the fore.
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Therapeutic Brain Training for Pain

Two-day courses in Graded Motor Imagery,
Mirror Therapy, Motor Imagery
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Sydney AU, 10-11 July Enquire
Melbourne AU, 25-26 July Enquire

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Portland EP, Sep 12-13 Enquire
Charlotte EP, Sep 19-20 Enquire
Dallas MOTNS, Oct 10-11 Enquire

Stevens Point WI CA, Oct 17-18 Enquire
Chicago MOTNS, Nov 14-15 Enquire
Chicago EP, Dec 5-6 Enquire

Australian course schedule...
Explain Pain Orange 

Graded Motor Imagery SYD | MELADL
Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System  ADL | SYD
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Denmark | Norway | Sweden

EP Ystad SE, Sep 12-13
GMI Huddinge SE, Oct 17-18
MOTNS Lillestrøm NO, Nov 14-15
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Dublin MOTNS, July 4-5 Enquire
Moira EP, July 18-19 Enquire
*Guest courses 2015*
GMI with David Butler: London, 22-23 October Enquire
Explain Pain with David Butler: London, 24-25 Oct Enquire