The nervous system is our prime focus, integrating neuroscience, neurodynamics and manual therapy into patient management. NOI's core philosophy is to provide progressive, current material, always challenging existing management protocols, promoting professional reinvestment, and ensuring course participants benefit from the most recent research in a fun way. Learn more...


Australia 2014
Course schedule to date, more events to be announced

MEL April 11-12 MOTNS, Coppieters, Enquire
PER June 14-15 Explain Pain, Butler, Enquire
PER June 20-21 Explain Pain, Plasticity and Rehabilitation, Butler & Haslam, Enquire

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NOI courses are currently run in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada, and numerous countries in Europe. Established faculties support German, Italian, English speaking Europe and, more recently, Scandinavian centres. 

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