The nervous system is our prime focus, integrating neuroscience, neurodynamics and manual therapy into patient management. NOI's core philosophy is to provide progressive, current material, always challenging existing management protocols, promoting professional reinvestment, and ensuring course participants benefit from the most recent research in a fun way. Learn more...


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Like the characteristics of a regular 'jam' - spreadable, digestible, sticky, musical, noisey, flavoursome, harmonious and collaborative the noijam blog curates the most interesting pain-flavoured nuggets from the worlds of science, philosophy, consciousness rudy and cognitive science and presenting them for discussion and debate. 

Noijam aims to enhance links between clinicians and researcher and bring researchable ideas from the clinic to the fore.

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It's back... Explain Pain 3 day course, with more!

Sorry, we thought EP3 in April this year was going to be a one-off, but everyone enjoyed it so much we are doing it again... but 4 speakers this time!
Lorimer Moseley, David Butler, Kevin Vowles and Robert Coghill will combine to bring you the latest from the worlds of pain, neuroscience, education and psychology, reflecting and integrating each of their special interests in a unique program. Find out more...

Last call courses...

Toronto, Explain Pain, Nov 29-30 Enquire
Edmonton, MOTNS, Dec 6-7 Enquire


Derby GMI, Nov 25-26 Enquire

London EP, Dec 6-7 Enquire

Derby EP, Jan 20-21 Enquire
New Cork EP, Mar 21-22 Enquire

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