Four great minds in neurobiology, bioplasticity, education and psychology come together over 3 big days to deliver the most up to date and comprehensive Explain Pain package yet.

Melbourne, Australia | 27-29 March 2015

Explain Pain 3 day course is in swing, we look forward to meeting the delegates - cheers and here's to a good show!

NOI is very proud to once again present EP3, a one-off, novel, education event where Lorimer, David, Kevin and Robert combine to bring you the latest from the worlds of pain, neuroscience, education and psychology, reflecting and integrating each of their special interests in a unique program.

Following on from the sold out success of the first EP3 event (Melbourne, April 2014) EP3 2015 will once again be more like a mini-conference, with its international line-up and a range of lunch time activities and workshops all in the well-known NOI style (anything could happen).

The instructors – what a team!

Lorimer Moseley and David Butler are well known in Australia for their courses, research and classic texts Explain Pain and the Explain Pain Handbook. They will present the juiciest parts of their ever-changing Explain Pain course including up-to-date neuroimmune science, the role of space around the body in pain, metaphor and immunology and the power of story telling. They will also introduce the future of explaining pain including the Protectometer and Sarah-Bella as a new clinical tools and the power of DIM SIMs! 

To enhance Explain Pain and other therapeutic outcomes we have invited Kevin Vowles, a Psychologist and Associate Professor from the University of New Mexico. Well-versed on all matters in acute and chronic pain, Kevin is the world’s leading exponent of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in relation to chronic pain. As part of the CBT family of therapies, ACT includes acceptance and mindfulness methods along with activation and behaviour change therapies. We are excited – the psychological flexibility which is a cornerstone of ACT will help to supercharge Explain Pain interventions.

Robert Coghill is a genuine heavy in the world of pain. He is Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the Center for Integrative Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine in South Carolina. Robert’s group at the Pain and Cognition Lab use fMRI and psychophysical techniques to study the fundamental aspects of how the brain makes pain. He has a publication list longer than your arm covering topics such as expectation, neural correlates of mindfulness and itch. We couldn’t ask for a better guide to take us through the latest advancements in pain science.  


Course Programme
Lorimer: Body in Mind
 | TEDx Talk Painful Yarns book

David: Faculty Profile | Video: Drug cabinet in the brain | Other videos
Kevin: Faculty profile | APS profile | Research gate
Robert: Faculty profile | Research gate

Keep in touch and check back regularly for updates and more details on the exciting content.

EP3 2014 image gallery

Dr David Butler

The Educationalist

Dr Lorimer Moseley

The Neuroscientist


Assoc Prof Kevin Vowles

The Psychologist


Prof Robert Coghill

The Neurobiologist



Rydges on Swanston

701 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Course delivery

The course will be a blend of lectures, interaction, practical workshops, and of course, some famous NOI extra curricular activities.

There will be ample to time to mix with the presenters throughout the three days.

Who is it open to?

EP3 2015 is open to all professionals working with patients or clients in acute and chronic pain and stress states, including: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, psychologists, nurses, chiropractors, osteopaths, rehabilitation counsellors. Lawyers, journalists, drug reps and the insurance world are welcome too!

I was there last year - shall I come again?

YES! There will be so much completely new and original material, new jokes, and a couple of out-of towners. We’re so sure that you’ll learn something new and enjoy the event that we’re giving anyone returning from EP3 2014 two free books!

Some of the new content will include using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Explain Pain, the very latest in brain imaging, understanding the cortical body matrix, how to knock off DIMs and find powerful SIMs, powered up story telling and the mysteries of Sarah-Bella.

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Cost: $995 inc. GST per registrant

Includes workbook, tea breaks, lunches and lunchtime activities.

For those who attended EP3 2014, registering for EP3 2015 will entitle you to a free copy of both the GMI Handbook and the soon to be released EP Handbook: Protectometer. Following registration and payment contact Karin Kosiol to claim your books (available for collection at the course). 


A strength of the Explain Pain course is that participants come from many professions, so come with an open mind. Pre-reading the Explain Pain Second Edition book would also be ideal.

Other related reading: Moseley GL et al 2004 A RCT of intensive neurophysiology education in chronic low back pain. Clinical Journal of Pain 20:324-330